LILyette ESTanislao, known to most as Lily, is a first generation Filipina. NY-born and Jersey-raised, she maintains the sass and sardonic humor of her region. A performer since youth, she and her brother often put on “shows” for friends and family – even charging admission whenever possible. She chose to further that love of acting while attending Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. It was there that she received her Bachelor of Arts in Theater.

After college, life seemed to get in the way of dreams (as it sometimes does), and Lily worked a series of  “interesting” jobs (including driving the Red Bull car with the can on it and managing at the Comedy Cellar). These jobs led to wonderful people and experiences, as well as a (short-lived) career in beverage sales. When she realized sales did not exactly make her soul ring with purpose, she decided to find out what did.

A life coach made her answer one simple question: “What did you want to do when you were a little girl?” The answer was: “Be a cartoon voice for Disney!” And, it CLICKED.

Voice Over Acting combined a love of performance with a childhood dream. Since then, there has been no turning back. She has worked to develop her demo and brand, and continues to educate herself whenever possible including programs with Edge Studio, classes with greats like Pat Fraley, or amazing conferences like VO Atlanta! She has also been a recipient of the UCB Diversity Program scholarship twice where she learned the art of Improv and will soon be moving into Sketch Writing. 

She also wrote, directed, and starred in her own comedy sketch 'Motley Crudite' in which she lived her dream of playing multiple characters. 

The training never stops as she keeps this rule in mind:  

10,000 hours = confidence/20,000 hours = excellence!